Self-propelled tractor model L.3-65

3-wheel self-propelled tractor with variable way, 1.60 m of clearance, 3m of back barrier way in working position, equipped of a spraying system including tank + rinsing tank and wash-stand. It can be equipped of a back ramp, toolholders on the front and back part of the exterior wheels. As an option: Cabin or bow.

3-65-1   3-65-2   3-65-3

Available options:

Plus Roof sheet on bow

Plus Approval for driving on roads

Plus A set of mass for front wheel

Plus Three-point linkage with backward hydraulic lifting

Plus Inclining mechanism with distributor for linkage

Plus Additional hydraulic distributor

Plus Oil return

Plus A set of forks

Plus Hydraulic power take-off shaft

Plus One set of 2 x 500l tanks - with rinsing tank and wash-stand
   - With brackets

Plus Spraying pump 75 or 165 l/mm

Plus A double jet kit for each back wheel with brackets

Plus Spraying ramp upon request

Plus Inclination compensator

Plus D.P.A.E.

Plus Standard cabin

Plus Air conditioning

Plus Boneblack filter

Plus Front wheel protection