Self-propelled tractor model L.4-51

Sprayer version, compact self-propelled tractor with two or four 51CV driving wheels, with pick-up hitch at the front or at the back. 400 to 1200l tank + rinsing tank and wash-stand. Bow or cabin. Variable way. It can be equipped of 4 directional wheels.

4-51-1 4-51-2 4-51-3 4-51-5

Available options:

Plus 4 driving wheels

Plus 4 directional wheels

Plus Approval for driving on roads

Plus Manual way adjustment

Plus Hydraulic way adjustment

Plus Hydraulic drawbar stand

Plus 50, 60 or 70cm clearance

Plus Additional hydraulic distributor

Plus Oil return

Plus 30CV hydraulic power take-off shaft

Plus Spraying pump from 75 to 130 l/mm

Plus Crop spraying boom adapted to your needs

Plus D.P.A.E.

Plus 65CV Lombardini motor

Plus Fixed or hydraulic front drawbar

Plus Standard cabin

Plus Air conditioning

Plus Boneblack filter

Plus from 600 to 1200l options


 Download the 600 and 1000 litres capacity